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Supremia International PLC

"Our business relies heavily on email to our customers and suppliers.
Over one weekend, 3rd Line Support successfully upgraded our Exchange 2003 system to
Exchange 2007.
I recommend
3rd Line Support as a safe pair of hands."

ACM Broking

"ACM has used
3rd Line Support
for the past 7 years and only have great things to say about their knowledge/ expertise and installation work.
We suffer no downtime and are allowed to run our business unaffected; a unique achievement you will appreciate especially given our predicament 5 years ago when our Disaster Recovery Plan was enacted following a fire at our premises and had to trade from temporary premises."

Environmental & Technical Services Ltd.

"We had a very old server in desperate need of replacement. 3rd Line Support helped us source a new server and,
with their planning, ensured a trouble-free changeover.
The changeover was carried out over a weekend and we were up and running on Monday morning."

 Here's a list of the steps involved in a typical network installation/upgrade:-

Planning and Purchasing the Equipment
After contacting us we'll discuss what needs doing and the best way to achieve it.
From this we then prepare an equipment list, including a server and any other networking equipment required.
We then turn this into a shopping list for you to order from various on-line computer equipment suppliers. We'll provide specific links to order each piece of equipment from our preferred supplier to make the process easier and make sure you get the right items.
If you want to get your server and PCs from Dell we can get an on-line quote for you from Dell's website.
If you're installing a new server and your PCs are a few years old it's best to upgrade the PCs at the same time so that all the upheaval that your users have to go through is over with in one go.
There may also be some software on the shopping list such as Office or Windows upgrades.

At this stage there's no commitment to having us do the work for you. If you decide you don't like us and want to go elsewhere then there's no charge.

Installation Weekend
When all the equipment has arrived we can fix a date for coming on-site and carrying out the installation. We normally do this over a weekend to avoid having your staff sit around unable to do any work while the network is down, but it doesn't have to be a weekend.
Someone from your company has to be there to "chaperone" us, ensure we can access all the rooms we need to, help us solve the unexpected problems that always seem to occur and test that the new installation works properly.
Typically the Saturday would be the server installation, router configuration and moving data across from the old server. Sunday would be setting up PCs as each one normally needs visiting to change domains, change email settings and setup printers and logon scripts.
We're mindful that as much as possible needs to be operating on Monday morning, so Sunday may be a late night.
We also configure remote access to the server and PCs so we can finish setting-up PCs from off-site and solve any problems that come up during the next few weeks.

Some networks are too big to finish in one weekend and so we might perform the installation over 2 weekends, with both networks operating over the intervening week, or carry on into Monday and Tuesday of the following week.

The 30 Days Post Installation Support
The days following the installation we'll be standing by for the inevitable problems and things we both overlooked and there's usually nothing we can't solve with remote access. If necessary we can do this work in the evenings to avoid disrupting your staff.
We include 30 days of phone/email/remote access support in the price.
After this we offer ongoing support, starting at £179/month - details are here.

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What does it cost?

Our standard rates are:-

  £60/hr for time spent working on-site

£25/hr for time spent working remotely

(We only charge for labour as you purchase all the required hardware, software and external services.)

We're based in South Bedfordshire so, if it takes more than an hour to get to your location, we'll add a charge for travelling time, and for accommodation, if the job involves staying away overnight.


For longer jobs, such as network upgrades that involve several days work, we can provide an all-inclusive quote.
As a rough guide, an installation that involves 2 days on site, is 2 hours drive away and has less than 20 users, costs under £2000.

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Can you do everything remotely?

We probably can.
We've done so in the past where a customer was able to unpack and connect all the new equipment and get the Server and PCs into a state where we can access them remotely.

If there's a good reason for doing this - such as you live in the north of Scotland - then we can do it, but it's usually a good idea for us to spend at least one day on-site.
With a site visit, we see things about your network setup we might miss remotely, a really tough problem might only be fixable on-site and things tend to go a bit faster working on-site than remotely.

If all you're doing is some relatively minor upgrade then performing the whole thing remotely can be the obvious way to go.

We use a combination of Remote Desktop and Team Viewer to gain remote access to your network.
We often need someone locally to insert a software DVD, tell us the model number of a printer or reboot a computer.

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Other types of Upgrades

You may not been going through the major upheaval of a full server and PC upgrade and we're happy to perform smaller upgrade and installation jobs..
Here are some of the things we're good at:-

Virtual Servers
Running one or more virtual servers on just one physical server can be a clever way to save money on hardware and electricity.
It can also be a lifesaver if you need to keep an older version of Windows running for some special application you have.
We've had plenty of experience with Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008/2012 and VMWare on
Windows 2003 and can perform physical-to-virtual conversions.

Microsoft Exchange Server
We can perform upgrades and installations of Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013 plus configuration such as installing a digital certificate for remote access using Outlook Anywhere or a smartphone.

Internet Router, IP Addresses and DNS
You need to get all these right for reliable Internet access.
We can advise on the correct service to order from your ISP and the best router to buy, plus configure your router and firewall to control what comes in and goes out .

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What about a server-less office?

For smaller offices there's now a viable alternate to the expense and hassle of buying and running your own
 server, if all you need is file and printer sharing and email:-

A 1 Terabyte Network-Attached Storage (NAS) drive for under £200 provides the file-sharing.

Most modern printers have a network socket so all PCs can print to them directly.

If your email is hosted on an Internet server, rather than on-site, it's accessible from anywhere and you can still use your company's email addresses and share calendars etc.

You still need to backup your files, so get a second NAS drive just for backups.
If this second NAS has 2TB of storage it will hold multiple daily, weekly and monthly backups.
A third NAS drive at someone's house can be an off-site backup that is synchronised with the main NAS overnight or you can take advantage of the many on-line file storage and backup systems available such as DropBox.

However, if your company has other computing tasks, best performed by a server, then you probably still do need to have your own server.

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