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What does
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How does using someone from outside your organisation on your helpdesk work?

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If you run a IT Helpdesk, I can help you solve the occasional tough problem

"3rd Line Support" is an IT industry term meaning the person a helpdesk turns to when a problem can't be resolved by either the regular or more senior helpdesk personnel.
Such problems don't occur every day, but when they do they can be time consuming and require advanced skills to find the solution.

Here's an opportunity for you to add 3rd Line Support skills to your helpdesk without having to employ a full-time person with suitable skills.

Some points to note:-

My Skills and Experience
I have a degree in electronics and an MCSE from Microsoft.
I've been in IT support for 20 years and have been providing this this type of support since 2004.

What type of Helpdesk is this suitable for?
One that deals with Windows Servers and PCs, Microsoft products such as Office, LANs, routers firewalls and Internet access.
It wouldn't be suitable for a helpdesk setup to provide support for a specific software or hardware product.

What does it cost?


This includes 6 hours of support per month. Extras hours are charged at £25+VAT.

There's no long term commitment, as you can cancel at any time and you'll only be invoiced up to the day you cancelled.

The price includes providing support by email, phone and remote access, but not site visits.
If a site visit is ever required, the charges are shown here.

Try me out with some one-off problems
You'll probably want to give me a try before committing to a monthly payment. I'm, therefore, willing to tackle one or two problems for a straight rate of £25+VAT/hour.

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How does using someone from outside your organisation on your helpdesk work?

You maybe worried that having someone working for your helpdesk who's not a full-time employee might cause problems. I'm aware of these concerns and make the following points:-

When contacting your users I'd represent myself as part of your helpdesk team without mentioning the company I'm "sub-contracted" from.

I will adhere to any IT policies your helpdesk has in place such as limitations on the software can be installed on company PCs.

Many "3rd Line Support" type problems don't require me to contact the user directly who's experiencing the problem and sometimes your helpdesk can act as an intermediary.

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